Cut and Polished Diamonds

We offer an array of 100% natural cut and polished diamonds, all diamonds are selected on basis of the appearance and shine, Our  I1 - I2  clarity diamonds in commercial grade category are selected on basis of its looking and attractiveness from the table, so you will not find any unwanted spots or huge visible inclusions/dense clouds on the table of any of our diamonds and all diamonds sold by Jewel Fields are CVD checked by best reliable diamond testing labs here so its a full assurity that you are buying only earth mined diamonds from us. 

* Diamond melee lots in round shapes 0.005ct to 0.10ct     (sieve size 000 to 11+)

  Diamond melee from white to off white and light brown

* Fancy shape in melee diamonds on availability

* Non certified diamond pointers from 0.10ct to 3.00ct+ ( si and clean pique clarity )

* Certified diamonds by IGI, GIA, HRD on order basis.  

* Next to white, Off white, Light pink, light yellow LC, Light brown LB (australian origin) melee diamond lots

* Fancy color and fancy shape diamond pointer lots

* Fancy color melees




* Diamond sourcing for suppliers and available melee and fancy diamond stocks for retailors and jewelry makers

* All our diamonds will be 100% natural and untreated unless stated 

* CVD Checked lots, so full assurance of naturality

* Certification on demand

* We strive best to get cheapest rates on earth for our clients 


Our diamonds remain in high demands with daily Diamond Traders, Dealers/Suppliers, Jewelry Makers etc