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2.91ct Medium Rich Grass Green Color Oval Cut Emerald


3.11ct Pakistan Green Octagon Step Cut Emerald


3.62ct medium green octagon step cut buguette emerald


4.36ct deep green elongated oval cut Zambian emerald


6.97ct zambian emeralds octagon step cut


159ct green free size, mix cut zambian emerald parcel


12.83ct light green octagon cut colombian emerald 12.3-14.7


50.04ct deep maroon pink Rubellite oval cut



2.35ct Octagon Step Cut Panjshir Green Color Emerald


3.03ct Oval Cut Deep Velvet Green Color Emerald


3.72ct Pear Shape Deep Velvet Green Color Emerald


3.53ct Vivid Green Octagon Cut Emerald.


3.11ct Pakistan Green Octagon Step Cut Emerald


4.43ct Deep Velvet Green, Octagon Cut Zambian Emerald


3.02ct K I1 round brilliant cut diamond


4.20ct deep green oval, crystal luster Zambian emerald

Why Jewelfields ?

Natural diamonds for sale - Jewelfields is a trusted business to business dealer of 100% genuine loose natural diamonds and real precious gemstones like emeralds and natural blue sapphire, untreated unheated ruby etc. Providing you best deals in these cut and polished gems as your sourcing partner from INDIA.
As a specialist we select stones on basis of attractiveness so clean table appearance in adequate brilliance is our USP, our stones ( gems and diamonds) looks rich and expensive even in commercial quality, also the cut and polish quality is ascertained always and never you get any rejection kind of stones with unwanted inclusion patc ... Read more


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