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Zambian emerald mines produces super quality of emerald gemstone, they have a very attractive color of green with a tint of blue making them unique, the shine and luster of Zambian emeralds is one of its kind and considered a better choice in emeralds by msny people in trade and buyers. The saturated color and superlative clarity found in zambian crystals have made them stand high on global demand. These gems from Zambia have comparatively higher refractive index and specific gravity.  The emerald mining in Zambia South Africa has started not long ago so it has given an extra supply of the gem in markets thus providing check to the rising prices of Colombian and other emeralds. 

Price and Value: As other gemstones Zambian emeralds are also found in different clarity and color grades and these quality factors decides the value of the gem.

The Zambian emeralds are found from opaque to shining transparent form and more transparent stones with light and luster are better simply. The lesser the inclusions present the cleaner the stone will look and also no open cracks should be there on the surface. The proportionate cutting and polishing should be skilfully done to bring out best of the lapidary rock which will create value to the stone. The color has to be lively deeper green with no overpowering side tones, should be saturated or evenly spread all over enhenancing the richness of the gemstone, the deep green with tint of bluishness is most demanded and highely priced. The carat weight of the stone affects the rate as bigger size emeralds with above characterstics are rarer and hence expensive.

Inclusions are very common to be found in emeralds which can make the stones from shining clean transparent to opaque. The typical foreign inclusions in Zambian emeralds are actinolite, fluorapatite, magnitite, hematite, dravite and phlogopite and also alike other origin emeralds fissures and cracks are there.so proportionately cleaner stones with luster pulls cost.

The luster of the gem stone is just not subjected to the superior transparency in the rough stone but depends on the gem cutting applied by the gemcutter as the shape and arrangement of facets with polishing quality makes the brilliance of the gem.

The Colombian emeralds known for more pure green color but the Zambian includes a hue of blue in them which is due to the presence of more iron in them compared to other mines which impart them this one of a kind of rich shade but in some mining areas of Zambia the color of these emeralds mined is royal bright green with no secondary over shade which is equal to best quality color found in Colombian or Panjshir emeralds. The far size pieces of emeralds which are cleaner in clarity with pure more green color and brilliance becomes naturally rare and high price gemstones.

Emerald mines in South Africa: Zambia is the second largest producer of emeralds which are fine in quality light luster and color. The Kagem mines (kazam/kazem) in the region is the largest producer of these superior quality emeralds and in the world as a single emerald mine. Twamipani mine, Grizzly mines and Pirala mines are some some of the other mines mining Zambian emeralds from decades even gemologists from laboratories like GRS, Gubelin and GIA cannot differentiate origin on level of different mines of Zambia only trading and mining experts from years can tell the differences.  

Emeralds in Jaipur: Almost all the Zambian emerald mined is imported and is cut and polished here in Jaipur INDIA. 


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