About JewelFields

With the grace of almighty god started in the year 2012 as a Business to Business(B2B) precious gemstone trading firm by Sudarshan Sharma, we were trading in Ruby Rough, Emerald rough; cut and polished precious gems mostely loose Emeralds, Rubies, multicolor Sapphires etc. In year 2013 we made our online presence as a website and at other online B2B websites like Alibaba etc and then onwards we started exports other then China to countries like USA, Europe, Australia etc. Our basic work was to source the gemstones here on behalf of our clients, so JEWEL FIELDS basically deals in parternering with the foreign buyers as a sourcing partner for them in India. In year 2013 we stepped up in cut and polished diamonds with some orders of our regular clients who were working with us from a couple of years then, so we also started to provide sourcing of diamonds according to the customer's requirements; and since then diamond sourcing is our core work. providing full range in cut and polished diamonds. We work only B2B (business to business) and no retailing.The payments need to be paid in advance in our company bank account and work will be done on and according to order, we source the stones as per your general requirements from throughout the different cutters, loose diamond sellers, diamond traders etc with best bargain prices. generally an order takes 3 - 10 days to fulfill from markets after payments are recieved because a lot of bargains need to be made and we only select a deal which is coming in lower price than its value, as it will always be our written guarantee to give you the best business price to flourish you fast in business.transparency, faith and honesty these are the key foundation stones on which we built the valuable relationships with our clients.


Trust, Honesty, Value, Transperency
Trust and confidence is what we earn. Customer satisfaction is a top most priority at JEWEL FIELDS, we strive hard to get you the most valuable deals then anyone else can get you, or even if our clients themselves search the markets they wont get those prices which we can fetch for them, so all our deals are like surprising deals. While selecting any stones for our clients and for our own stock, our mindset is always centered for the client that how much maximum value we can get for him so that the the stones can be sold quickly and easily by our clients in good profit margins, bringing further larger business orders to us. You can write us on whats app directly to get instant replies, and phone support is working 18 hours a day, emails are replied within 24 hours.