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1.25mm to 1.5mm I J SI1 round brilliant cut melee diamond

Melee Diamonds

Melee Diamonds

These are the tiny cut and polished diamonds of any shape under diameter of 3.8mm; in weight melees can range from 0.001 carats (1000 stones per carat) to 0.15 carats and in some trade cultures/markets upto 0.20 carat are referred as melee diamonds. Melees are often termed in points where one point equals to one cent or one hundredth part of a carat so a 5 cent diamond will be 5 pointer and so a 10 cent or 0.10ct diamonds will be called 10 pointers and so on. The melee diamonds are the most manufactured and sold of any other diamonds or even any gemstones as they are widely used in all kind of jewelry settings and Jewelfields is pioneer in trading of quality assorted melee diamond lots.

A center stone is the attraction of the jewels but what distinguishes the designs are melee diamonds or pave diamonds used in making various type of halo, bezel and more settings for jewelry. In most of the cases basic design in a jewellery like diamond ring, diamond tennis bracelet, diamond necklace, diamond pendent, diamond earrings etc., is formed by the melee diamonds.

Melee diamonds come in all shapes and cut from full round brilliant cut, tapered baguettes, princess cut, emerald etc in single and double cut and can be in any shade and color, just what matters for them being star and melees is the size and weight.

Star, melee and eleven plus are the most commonly used trade terms for melee diamonds by size.

Stars are those melee diamonds which are below pierres size 6 and called minus 6 (-6) that is anything below size 1.7mm. The star sizes in trade practice are divided into two major varitions  is -2 and +2 upto 6 sieve.

Melees is trade term used for diamonds ranging from diameter of sieve size +6 to -11 which in pointer size comes around in range of 2 cents (0.02 carat) to 8 cents (0.08 carat). In mm size it will be between 1.7mm to 2.7mm if the cut is as per standards of ideal, excellent to very good.

11+ (eleven plus) are diamond melee pointers in weight 8 cents to 20 cents which are above the diameter of sieve size 11 and generally upto 16 sieve as per Indian trade terms and diameter remains in range of 2.7mm to 3.7mm.

Note- the weight and size ratio for any 2 stones can vary if the cut quality or cut proportions are distinct like an excellent cut or a fair cut will have different size in same weight, for example - a diamond too much in hieght will have more weight compared to size (diameter) of it.

Diamond chips - These are the small diamonds which are used like melees in settings but not fully faceted as a melee diamonds or may not even be faceted at all. The chips are the rough bits left over when a bigger diamond is cut and have no regular shape or cut but just sometimes a few facets are applied on then to impart a bit of finishing. A full cut melee diamond have an all round finish of cut and polish with more than 50 facets but these chips are seldom cut or polished giving them a rough look. When set they don't shine like the normal melees but the little light can get reflected from surface in uneven directions.

Melee Diamond Price

Colorless to top shade melee diamond's price at Jewelfields starts at $90/ct and goes up to $600/ct depending on size, shade, purity, cut and brilliance.

Color - The diamonds falling in colorless that is D to G in top clarity will be rarer in the produce so will demand higher price and diamonds with tint of brown or yellow which are lower than K color will have visible shade even after setting so the prices of those are inexpensive. The trade terms to denote increasing shade are NW (next to white), OW (off white), LB , LC and even light pinkish etc as the shade acclerates the price decelerates. White diamond melee - here white is reffered to no color or being colorless diamonds in general market terms.

Clarity - The clarity above VS in melee looks clean with eyes and loupe they look rich after being set in jewelry due to shine and luster and no visible spots and will hold the cost. FL (flawless or internally flawless) to VVS and VS clarity lots are the top deluxe stones if in good cut and higher colors followed by SI clarity and I clarity which may have visible inclusions like pricks or clouds which makes them shaggy.

Brilliance - A diamond needs to shine and show full light otherwise what the attraction will be about in any gem as a diamond or a gemstone is known for its shine anywhere, so this is must that a stone has good light luster and is not foggy or cloudy because cloudbinclusions degrades the value of any diamond by not letting light paas through it properly.

Cut and Polish - The cut and facets have to be in symmetry followed by polish. A diamond with shallow or deep cut will not reflect light properly also a fat diamond will have smaller table but more weight so setting that in in jewellry will cover less area even being of more weight and will look dull comparatively thus those diamonds loose their beauty and are cheaper.

Note - If the melees are in calibrated lots or layouts for jewelery settings, then they come at premium cost because the assortment needs time and lot of inventory for selection.

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  •  1 to 4 7 11 12 diamond pointer available with us on orders in all colors - shades and clarity  of VVS1 to VS2 and Si1 Si2 Si3 I1 (pique) for all jewelry needs. All diamonds are selected on basis of cut, polish, brilliance/luster as spark and finish (symmetry / cut quality) is most important in diamonds, all our melee diamonds are eye clean to minor side included and shining bright in all cuts shapes in sizes minus 2, plus 2 melee diamond parcels with best wholesaler in lowest business to business prices.
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