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5.82ct padparadscha sapphire oval cut


7.08ct padparadscha sapphire cushion mix cut


5.45ct pink orange cushion mix padparadscha sapphire


6.55ct bi color pink and blue oval cut sapphire


4.26ct cobalt blue oval cut sapphire


3.96ct pink cushion cut sapphire


4.87ct light orangish pink cushion shape sapphire


2.90ct deep purplish blue cushion cut sapphire


3.01ct sunflower yellow long oval cut Ceylon sapphire


2.98ct deep royal blue oval Ceylon sapphire


3.68ct pastel blue cushion mix sapphire


6.02ct cushion mix cut pastel blue sapphire


2.69ct royal blue cushion cut sapphire


5.59ct sky blue cushion mix shape sapphire


3.00ct cushion mix cut purple blue color changing sapphire


5.06ct royal blue cushion shape Ceylon sapphire


4.95ct violet blue oval shape Ceylon sapphire


3.31ct light violetish blue oval shape Ceylon sapphire


5.02 violetish blue oval cut sapphire

Sapphire gemstone

Natural Sapphire Gemstone - Unheated Blue Sapphire Wholesale Manufacturer in USA, Bangkok, India.

Sapphire is a precious gemstone hailing from the corundum mineral family, coming in various colors of nature with first color of blue and other basic fancy shades include yellow sapphires, green, red, black, orange sapphires, colorless-white, pink and gray including uncountable color combinations from these colors.

All of those corundum gems other than blue sapphires are termed as fancy color sapphires, the red is also excluded here from list of fancies because the red color in sapphire is ruby.

Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone after diamond and has a hardenss rating of 9 on moh scale, where as diamonds have a rating of 10.

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Yellow sapphire

Blue Sapphire

IGI, GIA certified gem quality cut and polished multicolor sapphires like pink sapphire, padparadscha sapphire available.

Go through our online inventory to get best price B2B deals in real sapphires like blue sapphire, pink sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, green sapphire etc. Jewelfields provides you all size, cut and shapes in genuine cut and polihed sapphire gemstone. We keep real sapphire as mix size and shape loose lots, sapphire cabochons (cabs), sapphire sugarloaf, beads as plain drops and chequered faceted, polished loose stone wholesale lots, calibrated parcels, sapphire pairs etc., in good to premium quality.

Sapphire quality vs price

As other gemstones sapphire quality is based on first the basics of color, clarity, cut, weight, brilliance etc.

Clarity is the primary parameter to judge a gemstone's quality. Blue sapphires usually comes with acceptable fine silk, foreign inclusions, color bands etc. A fully transparent sapphire with minimum inclusions and crystalline appearance in a good size are rarest and will be choice of anyone thus fetch high costs naturally. Note- any big cloud patch or inclusion in center and top of the table will make the stone a rejection.

Color determines the quality of any sapphire and purest color with no secondry shade is considered top notch, like a cornflower blue sapphire is the ideal and most prestigious color which has no violet or purple appearance and are exorbitantly pricey. The intensity of color have to be medium deep in sapphires as too dark or lighter color sapphires will not look very rich ever compared to a vivid color and color saturation should be even throughout the gem and any color zoaning will descend the price respectively.

Sapphire like padparadscha is a mix of pink and orange color and are very rare and highly prices, Parti sapphires are those having two or more colors independently and are much mined in Australia; being uncommon these sapphires remained unknown having no big demands and are sold at normal prices usually.

Note - very light shade in the stone or a window stone which is catching no color in middle is cheap, even too dark blue which is blocking the light and transparency of stone comes in semi precious category.

Brilliance in sapphires: As other gems sapphires are also all about shine and luster. A sapphire which is dull and foggy will not attract the buyers and will be significantly low priced to those with full transparency and brilliance. Always ensure that any blue, yellow, pink or other sapphires you are buying is transparent and have adequate amount of shine so that it atleast can fall in category of a precious gemstone; also luster should be all over the stone; Partially cloudy stones are valued less.

Cut quality in sapphire: A gem is not a gem unless it is cut and finished from a lapidary stone. A cut with precise proportions to bring out the beauty of the sapphire is very necessary to create a value to it. The stone should have adequate hieght and table ratio which shall not to be too thin or too much in height and a skilled artist has to apply the facets profoundly so that maximum light reflects from the stone making it look shiny otherwise a poor cut stone to retain weight looks ugly and bulky and you pay more amount for same table size due to intentionally extra weight retained. A stone with an excellent or very good cut will always be demanded in top jewelry and will be valuable. Note- Calibrated size lots or matching suits always have a premium on price because manufacturing and matching same quality in same size and sahpe is rarest in sapphire.

Sapphire treatments

Any sapphire if treated to enhance its color and clarity like heated or fracture filled are treated sapphires and will be significantly low in prices. Heat treatment in blue sapphire is at extent accepted as it is permanent in nature but huge difference in price is seen. Sapphires are much heated to modify and intense the color, the color zoaning is nulled by heating. A fracture filled sapphire is a very cheap stone where a opaque and rejection rough is fracture filled with glaas like materials to make them look significantly cleaner but those remains no more natural; No major lab like GIA, GRS, Lotus will certify those stones as sapphires and will just state them as a ''manufactured product'' in certification.

Certified sapphires

Available sapphires from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir blue sapphire in wholesale price parcels

Jewelfields sells only untreated natural blue sapphire and other multicolor fancy sapphires like famous Ceylon blue, Burmese sapphires in all colors, Madagascar island sapphires, Kashmir blue sapphire on availability and other origins like Montana USA, Kenya South Africa, Thailand etc. All the sapphires can be origin certified on your order with GJEPC (gem and jewelry promotion council of India), IGI, Swiss lab etc., and other ethical certificates from local labs from Jaipur.

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We sell genuine earth mined untreated sapphires in all qualities worldwide to New York USA, Russia, Hongkong China, Bangkok Thailand, France, Germany, London UK, Saudi Arab Emirates etc.

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Jewelfields sells selected good quality sapphire gemstones in multicolor from Burma, Ceylon and African origin. The best selling are blue sapphires from ceylon and sapphire faceted beads. All our gems are 100% natural and untreated unless stated for treatment like beryllium heating which commonly accepted and is irreversible. Jewelfields guarantees you for lowest and best wholesale prices in genuine blue, yellow, pink, white and other color sapphires.

Shipping precious jewels to major destinations like New York USA, Russia, Hong Kong CHINA, Bangkok, Ukraine, Isreal, Germany, Spain, Italy, Moscow, Australia, Saudi Arab Emirates, and more. So shop with confidence authentic gemstones from us for reselling and jewellery making.