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Diamonds just do not come in colorless or white but also they have all the colors of nature in them and those diamonds with color are fancy color diamonds.

Naturally Colored Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds comes in all the colors possibly seen by us. The real fancy color grading start for a diamond after the Z color of the gem diamonds when the shade becomes much prominient. Unlike regular colorless to light shade diamonds which are color graded on the scale of D to Z where value decreased as the shade becomes more visible and strong going towards the color grade Z the fancy color diamonds are appreciated if the color is more pure, vivid and intense.

Very specific methods are used to understand and describe the color of any loose natural colored diamond, also naming a color when many hues are visible with the fluorescence is a tricky job, then comes to getting the photographs as most of the times the diamonds seen in a picture is quite different from what we see in person so photos should be very much near to exact color of the gem.

The color grading require a lot of expertise as there are numerous colors and then the combinations of the colors secondly there are also diamonds like the chameleon diamonds which change the color in different lighting and angles.

About color combinations in fancy color diamonds

Now most of the diamonds come with mix of colors and have main dominating color with secondary colors which can be more than one and are mentioned with the main color name of diamond like - brown yellow or green gray yellow the main dominating color coming always at the last but if the intensity of the secondary colors is very light then they are mentioned like pinkish, yellowish, bluish or grayish and the main color coming as the last color mentioned on the card or certificate.

Lets take an example of fancy pink color in diamonds starting from pure pink color ( now pink itself is not an individual color as it is formed by mix of color red and white) which will be graded as fancy pink with no other color mentioned in combination on the certificate - now we talk about the combination of the colors in a pink diamond so here pink can even be a primary color, secondary color or a stone may just have a hue of pink in it so the color combinations can form like purplish pink in which the main color is pink with a touch of purple or blue; So as comes other combinations like brownish pink, greyish pink, orangy pink.

The other grading options in context of pink diamond can be - "pink brown" diamond in which brown is the dominating color with pink remaining the secondary color with lesser saturation but intensity of the second color is fairly visible otherwise it would have been mentioned like pinkish brown instead of pink brown. When the grade is described as "brown pink" which depicts that the main color in the diamond is pink, turning around the value on a different side from its former counterpart.

Mines or origin also determines uniqueness in shade as Canadian diamonds will have certain type of traits in color and so in argyle pink diamonds.

How many type of color combinations do the diamonds generally have?

The answer for it is:- Though there are numerous colors formed in the naturally occurring earth mined diamonds. As we went into the described colors in certificates from the top well known labs like HRD, GIA, GRS, IGI grading fancy color diamonds, we came across generally 150 - 250 types of descripted color combinations but even when we see 2 diamonds given a same color certification when placed together we will find minor to moderate difference in the shades depending on intensity and other factors so there are endless colors in fancy diamonds and each natural stone is unique from the other. The intensities affects the appearing color like a vivid yellow diamond will be quite different from a fancy light yellow rock or fancy yellow; or a fancy light blue diamond will be different from a deep or dark blue and so on, like an intense orange diamond is another one. Further the cut type, size and shape also affects the appearing color due to certain reflections like an emerald cut diamond will hold less color then compared to a cushion and if the diamond is very thin cut then too the color will appear less in them.

Color intensities in natural fancy color diamonds

In diamond certificates before mentioning any color of the diamond the intensity is given which are divided in 9 levels - starting from Faint to Vivid in which faint is the least color hue present and less in value for color and vivid is known to be best and ideal color saturation a diamond can have. the rest of the intensities are Very light - Light - Fancy light - Fancy - Fancy deep - Fancy intense. so as the intensity changes of the diamond so is the looking of the diamond with price, like fancy brown and faint brown will be two different stones in terms of color so is natural fancy light green and intense green and then how rare a diamond is decides its value and hence affects the demand and most importantly the price.

There are also some set rules and traditions followed when grading color intensity to any diamonds and all intensity levels are not imparted to every color like there are no intense gray or vivid gray and same with brown diamonds also there is no light yellow instead that will be graded as Y-Z color diamond and a red diamond is only fancy red no intensity is given for it and that is the most expensive and rarest diamond color.

The white diamonds are graded as alphabet letters describing the intensifying shade on a scale of D to Z from D, E remaining as colorless followed by F, G, H as white and then off whites I, J, K then starts the shades either as yellowish or brownish or pinkish which deepens as the grade goes down from top top TT light shade of these hues to light and the lower colors from (O-P), (Q-R), (S-T), (U-V), (W-X) (Y-Z) are grouped together so a light yellow will be Y-Z color or may be W-X, but same does not applies with blue or pink or green if they are light are given as very light pink or fancy light pink as they are very rare and have a lot of value and also traditionally this has been done by all the laboratories.

Real untreated fancy colored diamonds wholesale by Jewelfields

As a wholesale supplier we have supplied over 300 graded shades in them. Color is the main characteristic of any natural color diamond and there are endless combination of colors in diamonds which are further affected by their intensities and basic colors remain those of Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and the first basic combinations formed are Orange, Pink, Violet, Gray/Grey and so on.

Fancy color diamond price

Fancy colored diamonds are significantly rarer then their colorless counterparts and facinates more then the white, near white ones. Most color diamonds are usually expensive then the colorless ones but some can be cheaper then those. The characterstics determining the cost of any fancy diamond is mainely its color or color combinations followed by clarity / inclusions, shape, cut  / polish, brilliance, weight / size and origin.

Color - The color is the pioneer character to determine price of any fancy color diamond, the more scarce the color or color combination is more rare the gem becomes like blue or pink color shade is very rare to find, the overtones and their intensities affects the value further. The diamond with identical color in certificate may vary a lot in rates depending of color saturation and intensities accentuated with other specifications determining values. A fancy intense pink diamond will be more pricey then a fancy pink and a vivid pink will be even more then the former. The color combinations which are more rare and appealing are more costly. The shine, shape, cut etc affects the value of a same color stone.

Clarity - More the diamonds will have flaws less appealing it will be and will start to look dirty with increase in inclusions. Diamonds are graded for inclusions on grades starting with Flawless (F), Internally flawless (IF) with VVS - VS as best clean ones the Si and then I1 - 2 - 3 so the clean stones are always preffered and valued. other then that if in a I2 - I3 diamond the inclusion is a white patch or a black inclusion on center and top of table then such stone becomes a rejection, also open cracks which can be felt by nail on surface is worst for any finished cut and polished gemstone and makes the stone useless.

Shape - Diamonds do come in various shapes but the most selling and preffered is round brilliant cut or a princess and cushion and less desired and less used are marquise or pear so shape and cut even signify the pricing.

Luster - Diamonds are all about shine and glitter if the stone is dull then whats the significance of stone being a diamond so this is verry important with color, clarity and transparency that a diamond should have good firing and light in them which makes them shiny and attracts higher rates and demand. 

Treatment - Only an untreated naturally earth mined fancy color diamond will fetch a high rate. While buying a fancy diamond it should be ascertained that the stone is not treated to enhance its color like irradiation or irradiated diamond or a HPHT stone.

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Certified fancy diamonds by Jewelfields

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