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How big a 2ct diamond pointer when made into a piece of jewelry like solitaire ring will look like or may be how large a pair of studs of 1 carat each will look after wearing; To know this go through the size to weight chart of melee diamonds or diamond pointers in full cut.

What is diamond carat weight and size?

Diamond weight is calculated in carats denoted by "ct" that is a standard value or measurement unit to weight diamonds and other gemstones. 1 carat is 1/5th of a gram, or 1 ct + 0.200 grams. The weight is also denoted in points for diamonds and in each carat there are 100 points or 100 cents.

Size- Some people confuse a diamond weight to size of a diamonds, which really are two different things as size is measured in mm (millimeter) that is to measure various proportions of diamonds like diameter or hieght.

What does diamond sieve means ?

Diamond sieves are the round shaped metel plates with many holes in them used to assort and calibrate the diamond sizes evenly. because manually measuring each stone with the gauge is very typical, so below 0.20cts diamonds are poured onto it according to the size needed, for example if need size between 2 to 4 sieve both the sieves needs to be applied on the parcel consecutively to get the sizes between the two from the lot. The diamond sieves are very necessary instrument in diamond trade as its the fastest method to assort diamonds in calibration.

The basic category after the sieve assortment is divided in 3 categories that is minus -2 size are called stars, plus +2 to minus -11 are melees and over +11 sieve are called 11 plus. The Indian trade name for sieves popular in traders here is "Chalni".

Tables for standard conversions of diamond girdle mm size to carat weight

If the stone does not qualify the standard proportions to be an ideal or excellent cut and symmetry which includes proportions of height, crown, culet, pavilion of the stone, girdle (thick or thin) then the conversions coming wont verify with these charts given. The inclusions even sometimes make very minor differences in weight to dimensions as the inclusion substance may weight less or more compared to same size of diamond molecule.

Diamond Size Chart: The diamond mm sieve size with respective carat weight table/list

Mlillimeter/Sieve size to ct weight chart for standard round brilliant cut diamonds and other fancy cuts for natural and Lab Grown 'CVD' diamonds.

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Princess Cut Diamond MM Size vs Carat Weight Table

Here we covered diamond size comparison with mm to carat size charts for brilliant cut diamonds and their size by mm. Download diamond weight to mm size chart / Diamond pierres size to ct weight at Jewelfields