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1.10ct J I1 round brilliant cut diamond


3.02ct K I1 round brilliant cut diamond


1.15ct H SI2 radiant cut diamond


1.05CT G SI1 radiant cut diamond pointer


1.01ct I SI2 princess cut diamond pointer

diamond pointers

Diamond Pointer

It is a trading term referring to a finished diamond of any shape with a certain weight denoted in "carats" or size in "mm" (millimeter).

For example a 100 milligram is equal to 0.50 carat or 50 cents and the amount of cents is the pointer name for instance in this case it will be a 50 pointer diamond. If the weight of the diamond is 0.10ct means the diamond is a 10 pointer and simplest one being 0.01 as 1 pointer.

Natural loose diamonds for sale online in business to business trade rates

Jewelfields is a most trusted business to business loose diamond supplier selling only 100% natural earthmined untreated diamonds, unless stated for treatments like fracture filling, Irradiation etc in wholesale business prices from Surat INDIA. Our USP as an online seller and manufacturer is the lowest pricing as per quality so please check our online inventory for non certified and certified diamond pointers.

Note - We do not work in CVD or lab created diamonds.

Diamond shapes/cutting - We supply all the shapes including popular round brilliant cut, princess, pear modified brilliant, asscher, cushion also rose cuts, side moons, diamond pairs on availability.

Diamond color shade - In colorless often termed white to off white diamonds or NW, OW, TLB-TTLB which is a slight brownish hue and TLC-TTLC (light yellowish hue) both denoted by color shades of H, I, J, K are available, also we keep shaded diamonds below L, M to Z color.

Diamond clarity - Basically we work in non certified diamonds in good quality so SI1 to SI3 and I1 Pique clarity range is available and VS - VVS on demand. Also lab certified diamonds available with GIA, IGI, HRD certification. Any treatment like HPHT if present will be declared.

Diamond price - The price of a finished diamond depends on the cut and polish quality, clarity grade, shade, brilliance, size and little on origin. Our prices are such which cannot be found anywhere else online, direct production costs are given to you on advance orders.

Diamond grading report - We keep both certified as well as non certified diamonds. GIA, HRD and IGI are major laboratories certifying diamonds for originality and grading them for quality their certificates are accepted globally.

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We put all our efforts for our buyer to get them the genuine quality in lowest price then anywhere else, sourcing stones in field from manufacturers to brokers and resellers, as 70% of the total diamond in world is cut and polished in Surat city INDIA where Surat diamond bourse is commenced recently, before this the international trade was done from Mumbai alone from Bharat diamond bourse and as we are based here and have long working experience enabling us to get you the best business deals. Other trading hubs for natural diamonds are Israel, Antwerp Belgium and we regularly ship there. We ship natural diamonds worldwide to traders and jewellers making diamond jewelry; our pointers are used in diamond solitaire rings, earring pairs, necklace, bracelets, pendents and more.

We export from Mumbai diamond bourse and Jaipur across the world including New York USA, Dubai UAE, London UK, Italy-Spain Europe, Bangkok, Hongkong, Russia, China, Japan, Australia and others.

Jewelfields.com is an authorised loose diamond supplier by GJEPC India.