Process of transactions - Buying, Purchases, Orders and Payments

Whatever merchandise diamonds or gemstones you select from us you need to message us about those on WhatsApp or Email and if it is available will be informed to you.
generally in the website all the items and photographs are of stones which are of someones order or sold already and used as sample here, so similar diamonds can be arranged on orders.

Pricing and product their quality, quantity everything shall be discussed on phone or email whatever suits you, we generally reply emails within 24 hours and WhatsApp messages are responded quickly.

on confirmation of the order the bill/invoice will be sent to your email or as a message on your phone number which will include total items as loose gemstones and diamonds their respective prices and shipping charges.

All the billing will be done in INR ( Indian National Rupees) and full settlement of the bill payments on our side are counted in rupees only.

Taxes will be applied on invoice at the rate of 0.25% of the total amount, the taxes are mostly included in the price itself as the rates of taxes is almost negligible.

We will not be responsible for any custom duty or taxes levied in your country by your customs.

Also if you are unable to receive any parcel on your side and if it gets returned back to us the shipping charges have to be borne by you plus if any taxes we required to pay on the imports , though this usually never happens that on a returned parcel taxes and duties are asked by customs.

All the merchandise will be shipped on receiving full payments only.

Payment Methods

We are currently using TransferWise (TransferWise.com) as a payment method other than that Wire transfer that is by Bank Wire online money transfer.
Jewel Fields is a B2B diamond and gemstone wholesaler and do not window sell each item separately so we do not accept any e-commerce or PayPal like payment gateways.
It is advised that at time of payments always have a verbal conversation on the phone number mentioned on the website.