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Fancy color diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds

Any naturally colored diamond which is out of the color shade scale of D to Z is a real fancy color diamond with most desired being intense or vivid pink, blue, green, orange, yellow etc. 

Original earth mined fancy color diamonds are much rare to colorless or off white diamonds (light shade diamonds) and only few carats in hundreds of carats gems resourced comes as real fancy colors. The more rare colors will be more in rates like the rarest of all is red followed by pink and blue colors which are most sought after and expensive if in proper intensity and clarity, there are many other colors and one may select color according to the choices.

Guaranteed natural cut and polished fancy color diamonds for sale online from dealer in Mumbai, Surat INDIA at best rates on earth guaranteed

Jewelfields is a supplier/manufacturer of premium naturally colored diamond pointers and calibrated fancy color melee diamond parcels for jewelry in lowest dealer's prices

We source and supply exclusive range in fancy color diamonds which are real and earthmined always, in all basic and combination of colors including colors of pink, brown, green, orange, gray, yellow, blue and more combinations like champagne, cognac and chameleon. We sell all cut and shapes like round brilliant cut, rose cuts, pear, radiant, princess, oval, cushion and other fancy cuts with general quality as VS, SI and I1, I2 (pique). Our diamonds are used extensively by jewellers worldwide in their fancy color diamond jewelry.

Fancy color diamond pairs and layouts for sale: Available assorted and calibrated size lots of colored diamonds for jewelry use like size assorted diamond suits, layouts for necklaces, color diamond pointers in all sizes or pairs for earrings/studs or single dossier size pieces for solitaire ring setting on orders.

Fancy color diamond pricing at Jewelfields: We deal strictly business to business as wholesaler so its a priority that all the traders and jewellers buying from us get the lowest price so the reselling is easy and fast for them. We strive hard to get best deals here in diamond market from manufacturers, brokers or traders and all gemstones come with price guarantee.

Colored diamond quality at Jewelfields: It is always ensured that stones we sell are good in looking. The diamond from us will all be shiny with good brilliance, proper cut and polish also it is ensured that no table spots which can make the stone a rejection are present and no girdle chipped or cracked stones are ever exported. All diamonds will have clear open table and accurate colors in pictures you see.

Authenticity at Jewelfields: All the cut and polished diamonds shipped by us are untreated 100% natural earth mined original stones. All the melee diamond lots are scan tested for CVD or synthetics. The treatments like irradiation or HPHT if there to enhance color in any stones will be intimated to the buyer. So buy with full confidence real natural color diamonds with us.

Price of fancy color diamonds

The most desired colors like vivid blue or red in naturally colored diamonds can have infinite value in larger sizes. For example, a three carat vivid blue diamond can easily be sold over USD 2 million per carat in eye clean or above clarity and reds will be even more expensive. Also intense or vivid pink diamonds are very very expensive and rare gems. If the color and clarity is weak these can be easily much less in value then their colorless to light shade counterparts so rarity desides the value.

The colored diamond price is affected by clarity, luster, cut & polish, size and origin.

Our color diamonds are in house graded for clarity and color, also GJEPC, GIA, IGI, HRD certified solitaires available.

Shop fancy color diamonds at best prices

Argyle pink color diamonds, blue color diamonds, fancy yellow color diamonds, green color diamonds, fancy brown, cognac and champagne color shade diamonds, black coated diamonds, chemeleon diamonds available.

All stones are screened with latest CVD testers and you get only 100% real diamonds from us with report at best price in the world.

All origin including Argyle pink diamonds for sale from Australia, De Beers fancy diamonds from South Africa, Al Rosa colored diamonds from Russia etc. All our fancy color diamond pointers are conflict free always.

We ship to all major global destinations like Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, New York United States, Hongkong China, Tel Aviv Israel etc., from Jaipur, Mumbai INDIA.