At JEWELFIELDS we ship the loose diamonds and gems worldwide to all major locations, the shipping is done as per your requirements discussed with us.

- Stones can be collected in person at our firm.

- Declared and undeclared both shipping are available as per the requirements and situation.

- Shipping is done through India Post and other private couriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx, MalcaAmit.

- Packing options available as light weight envelope or steel sheet box.

- Shipping is done strictly after full payments received by us by the means discussed on phone. (Phone number given on the header of the website).

- Tracking number of the shipment will be provided after the shipment has been done which can be tracked online, please note that the tracking does not necessarily gets updated fully every time though the parcel gets delivered, this commonly happens with all shipping companies some of the times.

- We will always be in your assist regarding tracking and any related queries, and you will be informed where and how to track the parcel.

- Time taken by a parcel after the dispatch to reach the destination varies by the company of transportation, the service used and congestion sometimes may delay the parcel.

- In case of any on order certification the dispatch may take extra time of 2 to 7 days as equal to thr time taken to certify the stones.


- Safe and secure packaging will be done of the gems in bubble sheet so no damage happens to your merchandise.

- Package will be a laminated envelope generally, but if you need the parcel to be sent in any other way as per your convenience then it will be done that way if possible.