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97ct medium green pear shape emerald layout parcel


3.55ct vivid green oval mix cut emerald pair

Emerald Pairs

Emerald Pairs and parcels by Jewelfields

Best place to buy emerald gemstone

Jewelfields is a top online B2B cut and polished emerald gemstone seller from Jaipur India. We sell natural earth mined gems only and select better quality stones on basis that even if they are included the inclusions wont affect the appearence much. All emerald stones we sell are selected with proper cutting, no open cracks and unwanted inclusions which makes the emerald ugly and unaccepted like a defective stone. You get everlasting intact emerald gemstones from Jewelfields which can be sold with confidence as a reseller and you will guaranteed get more then satisfied with every purchase you make with us.

Natural emerald gem

Singal Natural Emerald Gemstone Seller & Manufacturer - Emerald Suits & Layouts price

We export emeralds worldwide to only gem dealers, suppliers and jewellers. Get loose emerald stone inventory of finished natural earthmined emerald gemstone by trader and manufacturer in Jaipur India. Providing quality emeralds at business prices which you must have never got before in trading person to person anywhere. So order best business opportunities in 100% natural emerald parcels with confidence and trust while being at your home and city around the globe.

We provide you quality and good looking emerald stones with no rejection kind of inclusions which many online sellers try to hide in pictures. Find clear description and original unedited pictures of our emeralds at www.jewelfields.com. Stones from all the origins like famous Zambia South Africa, Colombia USA, Panjshir Afghanistan, Ethiopia or Swat Pakistan, Sandawana and even Indian origin on availability.