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Tanzanite gemstone

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Tanzanite is a very desirable gemstone due to its catchy vivid violet blue color, transparency and unique shine. It is a variety of mineral zoisite and its findings and use is not historic as it was discovered first in later half of 20th century in Tanzania near hills of mount Kilimanjaro. The name tanzanite was given first by Tiffany and company to this blue color stone in zosite because of its origin which is confined only to Tanzania. Now as Tiffany is a world's top renowned luxuary jewelry brand and tanzanite had the credit to be named from them has somewhere accentuated its value and fame quickely.

Tanzanite has a single origin that is Tanzania so the deposits are very limited making it a very rare gemstone much more rarer than diamonds. The mining is also halted by the government there making it even lesser available now.

Tanzanite comes with special Pleochroism and Trichroism effects which are a signature quality of the gemstone, the term pleochroism means that a stone will show different colors when seen from various directions and trichroism means total of three colors from blue to violet to containing hues of red and orange in them this is due to the sensitivity of the gem to light, its a property of absorbing colors of higher wavelengths in different lightning situations. The largest tanzanite mined so far is a 3.38kg or 16839 carats by miner "Tanzanite One".

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Due to high demand and expensive price lot of imitation tanzanite is coming in markets to be sold, like the color coated stones or the reheated tanzanite to enhance its color further, even fully fake stones which resembles same as the original one and hard to differentiate; so it is necessary to be assured of what you are buying is authentic and lab certified TZ stones from a legitimate and trusted place.

Tanzanite Price

Due to its rarity the tanzanites are pulling up high prices. Big size eye clean stones with perfect color (D to AAA, AA) are selling beyond $1000/ct easily, but commercial range like transparent cabochons can come in lower than $10/ct.

Like other gemstones the price of tanzanite depends on the color, clarity and size of the stone. A loupe clean to near eye clean stone with very nice saturated violet color dipicting proper pleochroism will pull high rates then a included one also the cutting and polishing quality plays a major role here to bring out color reflecting property of the gem and determines the rate.

Color of the tanzanite should be pure deep violet blue with no visible color tones of green or yellow in it otherwise such stones with light color or window stones with appearing yellow or green are significantly low in prices.

Tanzanites are easily found in clean purity so stones with visible foreign inclusions or heavy fissures fall in commercial grade and are are cheap in price.

Tanzanites are much faceted in chequered cut other then regular step and cabochon cutting. The big size stones in the mentioned quality are highly priced now as limited availability of the gem.

Tanzanite is popularly used in all sought of jewelries due to its pleochroism nature which makes it immensely beautiful and is used in jewelries like earrings, ring, bracelets, necklaces, pendents etc.

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