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7.85ct vivid colored pear shape emerald lot


27.63ct medium to deep green oval cut emerald parcel


13.75ct medium green cushion cut Ethiopian emerald parcel


19.50ct 8pcs octagon lively green Ethiopian emerald parcel


79.9 carat medium green Ethiopian emerald parcel


9.27ct 5 pcs vivid medium to deep green Zambian emerald stone parcel


22.03ct 19pcs lively leaf green mix shape emerald parcel


11.15ct 5pcs medium to deep green pear shape emeralds


26.18ct medium bluish and yellowish green Zambian emerald lot


24.42ct 14 pcs deep golden green color emerald parcel


76ct 45pcs medium green mix color and shape emerald parcel


48.4ct 15pcs medium light green Zambian emerald parcel


30.10ct loose emerald parcel 9pcs Zambian origin


11.83ct graas green 3pcs zambian emerald lot

Emerald Parcels

Natural emerald wholesale lots B2B

What is a gemstone wholesale parcel?

Any number of gems which shall be more than one when in a single packet is termed as gemstone parcel or a lot. When a number of packets or parcels generally assorted sizes and quality manufactured out of same rough or collected and assorted stone suite from multiple parcels or collected as single pieces or manufactured from different rough, which may have any kind of similarity curated in groups is called series in trade terms. A parcel or series of gem stones may be of same measurements or mix free sizes and qualities.

Loose Colombian & Zambian emerald parcel wholesaler / manufacturer from Jaipur INDIA

Loose emerald parcels for sale: Jewelfields provide you an online market place to select earth mined natural cut and polished emerald lots as layouts, calibrated pairs, layout for necklaces, beads, pierced briolettes and free size wholesale parcels to make jewellery for sale as per your custom requirements in mm size calibrated with uniform quality. All popular origin emeralds available with us as Colombian or Ethiopian and Zambian in all color, clarity and shapes as round step cut and diamond cut, marquise, pear, octagon step cut.

Ethiopian emerald round cut and baguette calibrated mm size and free size in all shapes parcels/lots for sale

Natural emeralds in round diamond cut and step cut in mm sizes, square baguettes with four sides in good color clarity

Buy free size emerald gemstone lots from Jewelfields with every stone selected on basis of light, luster, color, cut and polish. We provide B2B prices for bulk purchases by traders and our stone lots will look same as shown in pictures and will never include rejection kind of stones mixed within. The gems will be checked whether they are drying of oil completely to show significant change in appearance then those stones are rejected by us, also it is ensured that there is no chipped or broken emerald stone in the lots before shipping so buy with complete faith and confidence from us and get more than full value of price paid.

Emerald Necklace layouts and Pairs

We deal in natural emerald layouts for necklaces or tennis bracelets and pairs for earrings/studs.

Natural emerald parcels at lowest rates by manufacturer

Jewelfields as a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale parcels of gemstones.

Emerald octagon cut loose emerald parcels for wholesale.

Free size as well as pairs and layouts of emerald cut emerald available by manufacturer in Jaipur.

Pear shape or tear drop shape emerald lots for sale by manufacturers in Jaipur

Pear shaped emeralds available in wholesale parcels of 50 - 100 carats in good quality in Zambian, Ethiopian or Colombian origin at best prices.

Jewelfields's quaity assurance for emerald gemstone parcels as a worldwide top exporter from Jaipur INDIA

Get best deals in real certified emerald stones in layouts and pairs.

We always ensure that you get maximum value out of the lot and all the stones are checked for any breakage or for any spots on table which make the gem useless. Most dealers just add few good pieces in the stone parcels mixed with lot of cheap rejection kind of stones and charge the price of the lot according to the price of those best stones. Here with us you get the assurance and honesty in dealing that you just pay the average for the variation of quality in the gems and that too in guaranteed best prices and value. So be assured and feel free to work with Jewelfields and get best value for your investments.