Russian and Brazilian emeralds

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Russian emeralds likewise Ethiopian are found in bigger rough crystals in comparision to Colombian or Panjshir emeralds and are generally in medium to light green color shades.

Russian Emeralds

Also known as Siberian emeralds comes usually in lighter color with yellowish or golden tint giving them a pastel green color most of the time but color saturation remains top notch. The transparency and clarity of Russian emeralds is high end with great brilliance (luster). The superior high quality emeralds mined in Russia region are of vivid green even color with big sizes. Some of the best specimen of emeralds on earth have also been found in Russian province.

Russia produces around 2% of total worldwide emerald production with color shade remaining generally lighter. Few Colombian mines resemble in produce with Russian mined emeralds in quality and characteristics even some high quality emeralds from Russia are very rich in appearance as of high quality Colombian emeralds but they were never exaggerated and marketed as a superlative quality gemstone. 

Russian Emerald Price

As most rough extracted here is of light color which is often green beryl and not an emerald but are bright in appearance. The very light finished Russian origin emeralds with prominent inclusions starts at $5-$10/carat, but if Russian emerald catches deeper color with saturation in clarity and have shine & luster in big size then those will be rare and high priced gemstones and can sell over $1000-$2000/ct.

Russian emerald rough mining

 The mines are scattered across the country from noth west of country to south, some major mining areas includes those of

  • Malysheva or Ural emerald mines in the region of Ekaterinburg near Ural mountain range; The old name of these mines was Mariinskoje mines and where the first discovery of emerald is known in the year 1830. The emerald mined here are also called Siberian emeralds as Siberia before was a part of Russia,s Ural region. Worlds best quality strong emerald gemstones have been resourced here between 19th and 20th centuries may be better than those of Muzo mines in Colombia but unfortunately they were never popularised as Colombian emeralds and were traded in name of Colombian emeralds to get more buyers thus rates for them for them hiding the fame and name Russian emeralds have deserved.

  • The other mines include those of the regions of Mariinskoje, Lubinsky, Chinty, Troitzky, Ostrowsky.

  • Also Stretiensky, Krasnobolotsky produce emerald rough and are operational till date.

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Brazil Origin Emeralds

These are slowely stimulating up their position in the demand from global markets due to superior purity in color. From past 50 years Brazil is consistent producer of natural emerald gemstones, emeralds from Brazil were considered of subdued quality but then perception changed and now top quality clean clarity and vivid green color emeralds with transparency and great luster/brilliance are also getting mined in Itabira-Nova Era belt of Minas Gerais and they fetch huge price per carat in market.

Brazil Emerald Price

Brazil emeralds are usually heavily included and semi transparent and finished Brazil emerald rates starts at $10/ct and top transparent gems will be USD 500-800 per carat.  As with other gems the color saturation with intensity and clarity determines the quality for a Brazilian emerald.

The color in emeralds is due to presence of chromium and vandium the Brazil origin emeralds have much of vandium present in them and because of this emeralds from Brazil have more deep green colors.

Clarity: these emeralds are barely found without heavy inclusions so a transparent emerald with less inclusions is considered superior.

Luster/brilliance of these stones is many time not at par but rough crystal coming from new discovered pits is in appropriate spark and transparency and getting more acceptance in jewelry making thus more new demands are getting them a good price.

Cut: a skillfull cut brings out the maximum beauty of the stone in terms of the 3 C's which is planning of rough about size, shape and sides of table and pavilion are decided then comes the cutiing, faceting and polishing which brings the true value of the emerald manufactured from a rough crystal.

Due to the saturated deep color in emeralds of new Brazilian mines, it is acclerating in popularity and price towards the high valued ones as Zambian or Swat origin.

Brazilian Emerald Rough Mining

The Belmont mines produces almost 40% of the total pruduce in Brazil and Itabira - Nova Era belt. Capoeirana, and Montebello are other major mines producing emeralds. Sakota is a region near these mines which produce deep green emeralds which are mostly imported by manufacturers in India, the color of Sakota emeralds is pure green but transpareny is not there, they are usually semi transparent to opaque.

Buyers were more tend to value emeralds on basis of origin but now they are becoming more educated for quality and are shifting to pay premium on quality of the gem rather then just the origin. Also buyers are now considering other shapes like oval and pear cut insted of just traditional emerald or octagon step cut.

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