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Tanzanite is a rare blue-violet color gem found in the hills of Tanzania and is a recent discovery. Tanzania is the only place where it is found.


The blue color stone in zoisite mineral family is tanzanite, a new discovery in world of gemstones which is rarer than diamonds or rubies. Its glorious blue and violet hues look magically beautiful and the violet blue color in it is same as of the finest blue in sapphires.

Vandium and titanium are the elements responsible to give it its color. The first finding of it is reported in the year 1967 but in short time its popularity has increased near to and as a substitute to the blue sapphire. Tanzanite is mined in only Tanzania where it got its name from.

Pleochroic nature- This means the ability of a gem to show different colors when seen from different directions. The crystals of tanzanite shows three different colors when seen from various angles so the cutters can turn the color of the rough crystal by cutting style applied to it from bluish violet to violetish blue.

Tanzanites are much more rare then diamonds, rubies or emeralds as they have one single origin where they are mined that is Merelani hills of Tanzania.

Zoisite - The zoisite mineral naturally occurs in various colors as green, gray, pink, colorless, yellow, brown, purple, violet and blue; the word tanzanite denotes the blue, violet and purplish color and their color combinations in zoisite.

Specifications -  Mineral: Zoisite, Color: Violet-blue, violet-purple, bluish-violet, Refractive Index: 1.691 to 1.700, Mohs hardness: 6 to 7,

  Specific gravity: 3.35, Chemical formula: Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)


Tanzanite treatments - All the tanzanite crystals mined are originally brown / burgundy to golden in color shade and to bring out their beutiful appealing colors of violet blue it is necessary to heat them and the process is universal to all the tanzanite stone mined, so they are routinely heat treated to bring out their blue - violet appearence. Once the gem is heated the modified color remains permanently to it. Tanzanites have also been reported few times for coating to modify their color.

Tanzanite inclusions - Natural inclusions like needles, feathers and included foreign crystals are present. Not much is discovered about tanzanite inclusions but general graphite and corrosion tubes which intersect each other and growth tubes which do not intersect are there. Tanzanites also comes included with liquid inclusions and lamellar twinning.


Tanzanite gemstone price

As other color gemstones tanzanite pricing also depends on factors of clarity, color, brilliance and weight, but the things uncommon is the effect of origin and treatment on pricing as they just have one single origin in mountains of Tanzania making them rarer and all the tanzanites are heat treated which is commonly accepted and brings more value to the stone indeed.

Color: Basic color remaining the same that is blue tanzanite comes in mix of purple and violet in it and violet blue being the most sought after shade, it should be deep enough otherwise light shades are plentiful and do not hold much value. The color should be evenly spred in the stone so it looks more saturated with least color zoaning.

Clarity: As a common understanding any gem which is more clean and clear will be more appealing and rich. Tanzanites free from fissures and other inclusions are always better specially the cracks should never open over the skin or surface of the stone and cracks which run through the gemstone will make the stone vulnarable and cheap.

Brilliance: A gemstone is all about shine and luster and is a symbol of beauty and enhancement, so almost any dull gemstone will always be less expensive then a tanzanie full of luster and light.

Cut / polish: The cut has to be in proper proportions to bring our best of tanzanite rough stone, the finished stone should just not be properly shaped but not be much in hight or even very thin, the facets have to be applied properly to get maximum luster and bring out pleochroic effect in the gem. The polish is vital part after the faacets are applied as that get the shine in the stone.

Treatments: All the tanzanites are heated to bring out their most loved blue violet colors otherwise tanzanites are reddish brown, burgundy, golden yellow in color though some are naturally heated within the ground but then too those also needs heating as to remove all unwanted shading and uneven color saturation. The heat treatment is necessary for tanzanites and is accepted all over and insted appreciate its value and price.


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