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1.8mm to 2.6mm H I color SI clarity melee diamond lot | Jewelfields.com


0.8mm-1.2mm J K color VS SI purity melee diamonds | Jewelfields.com


0.8mm-1.20mm H I color SI clarity, round cut melee diamonds | Jewelfields


1.10ct J I1 round brilliant cut diamond


3.02ct K I1 round brilliant cut diamond


1.15ct H SI2 radiant cut diamond


1.05CT G SI1 radiant cut diamond pointer


1.01ct I SI2 princess cut diamond pointer


1.25mm to 1.5mm I SI1 round brilliant cut melee diamond


1.75mm to 2mm I J color Si1 RBC melee diamond parcels


1.8mm To 2.25mm I J Color Si1 Overall Clarity Loose RBC Melee Diamond Parcel


2mm IJ Color, VS SI Melee Diamond Parcel


KL Color Si2 Clarity Melee Diamond Sieve Size 1.8mm To 2.5mm


1.75mm to 2mm K L color Si1 RBC melee diamond parcels


1.25mm to 1.5mm I J SI1 round brilliant cut melee diamond

diamond pointers

Diamond Shopping: Renowned B2B DIAMOND dealer from Mumbai Surat INDIA

Looking to buy natural loose diamonds online from a trusted diamantaire (diamond trading company) with confidence for reselling or jewelry making then Jewelfields is a one stop genuine solution.

Jewelfields provide you with guaranteed best business deal opportunities in India's finished diamond market from merchants, dealers and factories situated in Surat and Mumbai diamond bourse INDIA. All our gems are real and untreated unless stated.

In all the diamond parcels we ship each stone is checked for authenticity and for treatments also other quality checks like the stone should not be too dull, chipped from any corner or girdle, the diamond should not have any big visible table spot or dense cloud and no open crack on the surface because these things make the stone a rejection and Jewelfields delivers satisfaction always.

All the images will be real and unedited in case of non certified stones and fancy color diamonds so that you get to know the most near idea how the stone will look in reality on being delivered.

CVD and treatment check - All the diamond single pieces and diamond parcels here at jewelfields are always tested for CVD by latest scanners and softwares. Other treatments like irradition for color diamonds or fracture filling is checked carefully by us ensuring full saftey of the buyer. Any diamond purchased from us will be 100% natural and untreated unless stated.

Loose Diamond Supplier and Manufacturer

Being a trader we source and supply finished IGI, HRD, GIA certified diamonds and untreated uncertified diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.005 carat star-melee diamonds to pointers from 0.30ct, 1ct to 3ct size as per availability in wholesale. We sell color shades from colorless to white D, E to I, J also LB (light brown), LC (light yellow shade). Jewelfields is also a natural fancy color diamond dealer supplying all color combinations in fancy colored diamonds in all shapes also calibrated diamond lots, layouts or suits in melee and dossier size pointers and matching pairs for ear studs and earrings. Fancy color diamond manufacturing is done in India and from there the parcels are bargained by us to get you best pricing to resale.

The diamond price depends on quality of it which is measured on multiple factors like:

  • Clarity: clarity plays a vital part in looking, if more inclusions are there the stone would look dirty and so unlike other precious gemstones clarity grades are provided to diamonds from Flawless to I3 so a clearer diamond will be more valuable so more rates.
  • Color shade: For diamond pointers the color is also graded on scales of D to Z the D being colorless followed by mixing of shades of any color tone like brown or yellow so a diamond more near to colorless will be expensive. Now this is opposite in case of fancy color diamonds in which saturated intensity of the color should be more for it to be better and more rare.
  • Cut and polish: cut and polish quality needs to be ideal and in symmetry, an unpropotionate diamond will not reflect light properly and will be valued less so is the polish that needs to be skilfully done to bring out best of the stone.
  • Other factors include the brilliance/luster of the stone and origin, like a pink diamond from Argyle mines will have higher bids then of one from Russia. If the above specifications are found in a better way in bigger carat size stones, rarer they will be. 

In house diamond grading: We grade the loose non certified diamonds on scale of color, clarity and cut on our own standards which match the best of the laboratories. Only a proper looking diamond with no properly visible table inclusion is sold by us.

Available for sale all shapes in cut and polished diamonds from round to fancy and cut like brilliant, single, old mine in VS to I1-I2 (Pique) clarity at lowest business prices for jewelry like solitarie ring, necklace, tennis bracelets, earrings etc so go through our inventory to get production rates.

Shop real loose diamonds in USA by top rated supplier

As an exporter we do safe worldwide shipping from Mumbai diamond bourse to all major countries like Israel, Belgium, Moscow, Russia, China and Japan in Asia and also to New York, Canada, Rome Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, London, England UK.