Blue sapphire

Natural blue sapphire gemstone

About Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire illustrations are seen in very historic scriptures in India as well other world. This gemstone is associated with royalty, wealth and divinity from ages.

Blue sapphire is associated in astrology with planet Saturn and it is a provider of power, wealth, status and other riches.

Sapphire due to its mystic blue color is adorned in high jewelries and in ancient time in thrones and crowns.


Blue sapphire color shades and composition

Blue Sapphire is a variety in the mineral corundum, which has aluminum oxide. The presence of iron and titanium is responsible for imparting it those unique blue colors. The color shades can vary from light sky blue, deep cobalt blue to velvet touch deep to medium blue shades and the most sought after cornflower blue sapphire. The color zoaning in the gem is due to uneven concentration of these pre specified minerals in the body of the stone.


Blue sapphire mines of Srilanka, Africa, Burma.

Blue Sapphires are mined in many regions of earth, which are Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Kashmir (Jammu) and Madagascar in Africa. The geological area where these gemstone are mined determines the color, quality, inclusions etc. Like Srilankan sapphires are harder and more composed stones compared to Burmese origin sapphires. Srilanka origin blue sapphires are even more shiny. The Kashmir origin blue sapphires were renowned for there deep velvety cornflower blue color and are amongst the rarest gems.


Blue sapphire price

As in other gems the color, clarity and the weight of the finished blue sapphire determines the price of the stone. The other factors include the luster / brilliance, treatment and cut. The untreated medium deep blue sapphires with minor inclusions only are very expensive gem stones. The price of a 5+ carat ideal color blue sapphire with minimum inclusions are over $3000/ct.