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Loose emeralds

Emeralds is a variety of beryl. Beryl comes in array of colors, the green in it is the most rare and mesmerising treasure of mother nature that is emerald. The gem has been praised from tens of thousands of years in sanskrit scripts for its beauty and richness and then in all the scriptures, civilizations, kingdoms followed; The credit goes to its most beautiful extraordinary green crystal appearence which is synonym of mother nature's beauty. From infinite times it is adored by rulers kings and queens, their thrones and all the other riches. 

Emerald Formation: The mystic gem is formed by really a geological marvel.  The very rare elements from earth – chromium from the seabed and beryllium from high continents must sideswipe under the perfect amount of pressure, furnace temperature and moisture to create these wonders of earth. Diamond formation is a parlor trick compared to this miracle.Read More


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50.04ct deep maroon pink Rubellite oval cut


12.83ct light green octagon cut colombian emerald 12.3-14.7


11.83ct graas green 3pcs zambian emerald lot


4.36ct deep green elongated oval cut Zambian emerald


4.20ct deep green oval, crystal luster Zambian emerald


3.74ct live green oval cut Zambian emerald


3.62ct medium green octagon step cut buguette emerald


5.45ct Vivid Green Long Octagon Step Cut Zambian Emerald


4.77ct Deep Green Octagon Cut Zambian Emerald


3.75ct Bright Pakistan Green Color Octagon Step Cut Emerald


4.22ct Medium Dark Green Color, Square Shape Emerald


4.43ct Deep Velvet Green, Octagon Cut Zambian Emerald