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11.94ct medium light green octagon cut emerald


3.85ct Deep Green Rectangular Shape Zambian Emerald


3.16ct leaf green pear shape Zambian emerald


9.04ct forest green octagon step cut Zambian emerald


7.85ct vivid colored pear shape emerald lot


27.63ct medium to deep green oval cut emerald parcel


3.58ct medium live green emerald cut Ethiopian emerald


13.75ct medium green cushion cut Ethiopian emerald parcel


19.50ct 8pcs octagon lively green Ethiopian emerald parcel


79.9 carat medium green Ethiopian emerald parcel


3.28ct medium vivid green emerald cut emerald


2.42ct deep medium green with blue tint octagon Zambian emerald


3.02ct royal deep green octagon cut Zambian emerald


2.77ct crystal golden green octagon emerald


2.58ct Pakistan green color emerald cut emerald


3.55ct deep medium spring green oval shape Zambian emerald


2.98ct big table vivid green oval shape emerald


3.55ct vivid green oval mix cut emerald pair


21.35ct pastel green color cushion shaped loose emerald


9.27ct 5 pcs vivid medium to deep green Zambian emerald stone parcel


22.03ct 19pcs lively leaf green mix shape emerald parcel


2.94ct deep medium glass green oval cut emerald


3.19ct emerald cut emerald stone Panjshir green color


2.62ct medium green octagon step cut emerald

Loose emeralds

Gemstones - Best Price in Precious Gem stones by wholesale dealer in Jaipur INDIA

Jaipur in INDIA is the hub for cutting-polishing of precious and semiprecious stone rough specially the rare and most desirable gem emerald. Though the emerald rough is imported here from all major emerald producing mines worldwide like those in Colombia, Swat in Pakistan or Ethiopian and Russian mines but most manufacturing here is done in emeralds from Zambia in South Africa.

Buy certified real tanzanite, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline gems in shopping from gemstone manufacturers in Jaipur for designer jewelry and high jewellery.

Jewelfields avails inventory of wholesale loose emerald gemstone parcels, natural tanzanite, unheated multicolor sapphires (blue, yellow, pink, green and padparadscha sapphire) and rubellite tourmaline in B2B prices resourced ethically for loose gem dealers and jewellers in free as well as calibrated sizes in untreated emerald gemstone as per availability. Our stones are authenticity checked for any treatments and if any is disclosed to the buyers. Buy online mix origin earth mined loose emeralds and other gem stones in guaranteed lowest prices on earth from us.

Authentic gemstone B2B dealer and exporter to London UK. Precious stones for sale by Jewelfields in Europe, USA

Exclusive quality, premium and clean table commercial grade gemstones for sale at best prices

Genuine non certified and IGI GIA certified gemstones for resale

Certification from different labs on demand like IGI, GRS, GIA. Focus on quality is a priority to us; all cut polished emerald stones we sell are ensured to not have visible open cracks on table or heavy oiling in cracks which may dry to make big inner cracks and white patches visible. A clean looking transparent emerald stone with no unwanted inclusions, good luster / brilliance is the USP of our stones so ugly rejection kind of stones is a big no at Jewelfields. Also our calibrated emeralds will have similar matching shade, cut and transparency for emerald jewelry. All our gemstones are natural and untreated but commonly accepted treatments in trade practice like clarity enhancement by oiling is common for emeralds.

All shapes and sizes are usually available like most famous emerald cut (octagon step cut), pear, cushion, oval, round diamond cut in faceted as well cabochon and sugarloaf shaped and more fancy cuts also all qualities as per your demand.

We top the loose emerald suppliers and manufacturers list shipping worldwide to New York USA, Moscow, Russia, China, London, UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Europian countries as an authentic supplier and shop for gemstone shopping.