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2.58ct Pakistan green color emerald cut emerald


3.55ct deep medium spring green oval shape Zambian emerald


2.98ct big table vivid green oval shape emerald


2.94ct deep medium glass green oval cut emerald


3.19ct emerald cut emerald stone Panjshir green color


2.62ct medium green octagon step cut emerald


2.43 deep green octagon cut Zambian emerald


1.82ct deep vivid green oval cut emerald


4.18ct medium bluish green pear shape emerald


1.75 golden green octagon cut emerald gem. big table


3.91ct neon green octagon shape emerald


4.63ct deep vivid green color octagon square emerald


5.47ct 2 pcs octagon deep green emerald parcel


4.43 ct vivid green octagon shape emerald


3.34ct crystal dark green oval shape Zambian emerald


4.48ct pastel green octagon cut Zambian emerald


2.92ct medium green octagon shape Ethiopian emerald


3.01ct bright medium light green oval shape emerald


4.58ct pastel green octagon step cut Zambian emerald


4.84ct ocean green oval step cut Zambian emerald


2.88ct Pakistan green octagon emerald


4.50ct bright medium deep green octagon cut emerald


4.04ct algae green emerald cut emerald


3.60ct medium deep green octagon cut emerald

Emerald gemstone

Natural Emerald Gemstone Wholesale. Zambian, Colombian, Ethiopian emeralds for sale.

Natural emeralds

Emerald is a rare, beautiful and most desired precious gemstone; a variety of beryl mineral family in green color.

Jewelfields is the only reliable seller of finished emerald gemstone to dealers abroad who cannot regularly visit India; providing them the most relaxed experience of getting quality gems at bargain rates from Jaipur the emerald city. We have Ethiopian origin emeralds, Loose Colombian emerald, Zambian emeralds.

Emerald Gemstone Price

Cut and Polished Emerald Gem Stone Price vs Quality

A finished traslucent emerald's price can start from $5/carat and goes beyond $5000/ct for the premium quality ones with top clarity, brilliance and color. The quality factors include its transparency, clarity, color, carat weight, brilliance, treatments and cut-polish quality. The origin is the another element determining the worth of the gem. Sometimes due to characteristics and sometime as a brand name like Emerald stone from Colombia or Panjshir are considered superior than those feom Ethiopia. Emeralds from Zambia in good color are also expensive as it's a strong stone.

Emerald Clarity and transparency:

Clarity is how a gem looks from inside and on surface due to presence or absence of inclusions. Natural emerald do come with lot of inclusions like fissures, liquids, clouds, traces of other minerals, black carbon, mica and immature crystals of itself. These affects the clarity and transparency of the stone. The bright transparent gem will always be most desired to anyone and will be costly.

Emerald color:

A well balanced saturated green color which is vivid in nature (not too dark and not light) is best for emeralds. The colors can be deep, light, medium, dark, soft in intensities and a well saturated color with no color zoning effect is considered best; such stones will be expensive and those with very light color will be inexpensive.

Emerald brilliance and cutting:

Luster is a property of any lapidary/rough emerald, skilled cutting and polishing accentuates it. An emerald should be well balanced in dimensions that is with not too much hieght and not too less, with a good symmetry in facets and proportins of crown, table etc., that is how it will attract value.

Treatments - Oiling with colorless oil and resin (natural resin oil and man made) are common trade practice in emeralds for fracture filling it has three bisections which are F1 minor, F2 moderate and F3 significant. Significantly oiled emeralds have big inner fissures and they dry easily to show up the fissures-cracks and white patches so try to go for either no oil or F1 and F2. Due to the fact that oil dries up if in significant amount, minor resin is a better option giving same effect to the stone.

Emerald stone Mines and Pricing

Basically quality makes the price and origin is like a brand to emeralds and other gemstones. Colombian or Panjshir emeraude demands premium prices but only if bright transparent with top color and clarity. Zambian mines in South Africa are producing a lot of stone with catchy bluish green color and top clarity but are economical compared to the above mentioned origins. Even Russian and Ethiopian mines have given big size top soft green color gem quality stones equal to those of Muzo mines in Colombia but Colombian emeralds have been always publicized much, so the buyers easily pay more for them in same quality. The buyers are becoming more informed about the publicity practices done from past for the promotion of any particular origin and they have started to emphasize more on characterstics which compose the quality and looking of emeralds.

Emerald Pairs and Calibrated layouts/suits

If the gemstone is in matching pair or calibrated parcel with same color - cut - size, then those are rarer to be found and are pricey as they have easy and demanded use in many jewelries, because single stone can be used just as an emerald pendent or in a emerald ring and calibrated stones can make arranged designes in jewelry.

Emeralds in Wholesale - Buy natural emerald gemstones online in business to business best trade prices with trust in UK, Europe from emerald cutting factory.

As an original cut and polished gemstone wholesaler from Jaipur India the emerald capital of world, we source and supply real genuine emeralds in variety including loose faceted (cut and polished) emerald parcels, emerald beads and string lines, emerald cabochon, emerald sugarloaf, faceted unmounted untreated emeralds in all quality, shapes and carat sizes.

Shapes we make in emerald are: most popular emerald cut emerald (octagon step cut), cushion, oval, pear shaped emerald, princess cut emerald parcels in mm size, single round step cut and full diamond cut mm size calibrated parcels.

Emerald manufacturer in Jaipur and Colombia - Premium quality certified emerald stones for sale

Certificate is provided from GJEPC (gem and jewelry export promotion council of India) and mines / origin certificates from GIA IGI GRS laboratory on demand. We are trusted dealer for all range in faceted unmounted untreated emeralds.

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